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    Waves Clarity vX DeReverb Pro

    Reverb Removal Plug-in

    Ever wished you could control the level of room sound that’s baked into a dialogue or vocal recording?

    Reviews . Oct 2023
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    Waves StudioVerse

    Plug-in Chainer & Preset System

    This clever solution for combining processors is much more than just a plug‑in host...

    Reviews . Sep 2023
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    CB Electronics XP-Relay

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    The XP‑Relay combines CB Electronics’ sophisticated patchbay control system with the purest possible signal path.

    Reviews . Aug 2023
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    Radial Reamp Station & Reamp HP

    DI & Reamp Boxes

    Ever wanted to run already recorded signals through a guitar amp or stompbox? One of these boxes could be all you need...

    Reviews May 2023
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    Modular Round‑up: Cases

    They may seem like an unromantic part of modular, but having the right case can make all the difference to your system.

    Reviews Jan 2023
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    Cranborne Audio CAST Intro Bundle

    Analogue Audio Routing System

    Cat cabling is cheap and readily available — and there’s no reason you can’t use it to run balanced analogue audio signals all over the place!

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    Shure A27M

    Stereo Microphone Mount

    Shure offer a very neat lateral‑thinking solution to mounting stereo microphone arrays quickly and accurately.

    Reviews Jul 2022
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    OWC miniStack STX

    Thunderbolt/USB Hub & Storage Expansion

    This clever storage and expansion solution is intended as the perfect companion to a Mac Mini.

    Reviews May 2022
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    DynaMount X2-R

    Remote Controlled Mic Positioner

    Tired of running back and forth between the control room and live room? Meet your new robotic assistant...

    Reviews May 2022
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    Tierra Audio Flavours

    Inline Booster Preamps

    Clean‑gain ‘booster’ preamps are popular accessories for ribbon and moving‑coil dynamic mics — but what if that gain were deliberately made more characterful?

    Reviews Apr 2022
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    OWC Envoy Express

    Portable Thunderbolt Drive Enclosure

    External storage becomes so fast and so small it might as well not be external at all!

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    TC Electronic AEON String Sustainer

    Guitar Sustainer

    TC Electronic’s AEON String Sustainer has been out for a few years now, but we recently got our hands on one for the first time...

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    sE Electronics DM2 TNT

    Inline Microphone Preamplifier

    sE’s latest mic booster offers much more than just a bit of extra gain...

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Sonnect Audio Sound Bullet

    Portable Audio Test Device

    Every engineer needs portable problem solvers, and this offering from Sonnect Audio could become a constant companion.

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Session Recall

    Virtual Recall Sheet Software

    Session Recall is a boon for those who still mix out of the box using a plethora of non‑recallable analogue equipment.

    Reviews Dec 2021
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    JM Acoustic ORTF Microphone Clip

    Microphone Mounting Bracket

    3D‑printing has made it practical for designers to manufacture all manner of specialised microphone mounting brackets at relatively low cost.

    Reviews Nov 2021
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    Alto Professional Bluetooth Total & Bluetooth Ultimate

    Bluetooth-to-analogue Converters

    There are plenty of cheap Bluetooth adapters on the market but most are aimed at the consumer sector, whereas these two models from Alto focus on the pro audio market.

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Imperative Audio PVB

    Portable Vocal Booth

    Can this open, portable device help you capture a professional vocal‑booth sound?

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Soundbrenner Core

    Wearable Metronome/Music Tool

    The Soundbrenner Core is a smartwatch made for musicians.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Minuendo Earplugs

    Adjustable Attenuation Hearing Protectors

    With their impressive sound quality and adjustable attenuation, these off‑the‑peg earplugs give even custom‑moulded designs a run for their money.

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    CB Electronics XPatch-32

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    With software control, silent switching and a choice of input cards, this clever box is way more than a patchbay substitute.

    Reviews Aug 2021


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