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Cables / Connectors

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    Sonnect SoundWire

    In-line USB D-A Converter

    This clever cable is as smart as it looks!

    Reviews Jul 2024
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    Kenton LNDX MIDI extender Line Driver Pro etherCON Cat 5e

    Extend MIDI up to 500m with Kenton LNDX

    Uses Cat 5e cable for long-distance MIDI routing

    Kenton's latest release makes it possible to send MIDI data up to 500m using standard Cat 5e cables.

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    CB Electronics ER-Range Eurorack modular synth patch routing switching matrix

    CB Electronics reveal ER-Range

    Manage Eurorack patches remotely

    The new ER-Range Eurorack modules from CB Electronics bring the company’s renowned routing matrix technology to the modular synth world. 

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    DIY Effects Pedals

    Building Your Own Stompboxes

    Making your own pedals can be a lot cheaper than buying them — and with many of the self‑build kits now available, you won’t even need a deep knowledge of electronics.

    Techniques Apr 2024
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    Q. Should I use my patchbay upside down?

    I’m wondering if it makes sense to flip my patchbays upside down in my rack, to put my mixer inputs on the top row and signal outputs on the bottom?

    Sound Advice Apr 2024
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    Anatal Electronics XBay 256

    Digitally-controlled Analogue Routing Matrix

    Software‑controlled ‘patchbays’ are invaluable for recall and routing in hybrid studios. Is this the right one for you?

    Reviews Mar 2024
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    CB Electronics XP-Relay

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    The XP‑Relay combines CB Electronics’ sophisticated patchbay control system with the purest possible signal path.

    Reviews Aug 2023
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    Flock Audio Patch VT digitally controlled analogue routing matrix patchbay

    Flock Audio’s Patch VT is now shipping

    Offers 128 channels of analogue routing in 3U

    Flock Audio's latest digitally controlled patchbay is equipped with 64 inputs and 64 outputs, and provides some handy features derived from the flagship Patch XT.

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    Practical Tips For Setting Up Affordable TRS Jack Patchbays

    Flipping Patchbays!

    Many affordable patchbays come half‑normalled by default, and to change that you must flip the cards inside. It’s easy enough, but there’s a knack...

    Techniques Jun 2023
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    Superbooth 2023: Tiptop ART Modular Polyphonic Communication Standard

    Video Report

    Tiptop announce their ART Modular Polyphonic Communication Standard

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    Expanding Your Audio Setup With ADAT

    Grow Your I/O

    Despite being over 30 years old, ADAT Lightpipe remains the number one way to add more inputs and outputs to your DAW.

    Techniques May 2023
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    Q. Is there an easy way to block phantom power on a cable?

    I have a 500‑series setup which includes some mic preamps that I’d like to wire up to a jack patchbay, is it possible to block phantom power?

    Sound Advice May 2023
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    Storing XLR Cables

    Bag It Up

    Are you forever having to untangle your mic leads? Sandwich bags might just be the answer...

    Sound Advice May 2023
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    Q. How do I wire star‑quad cable to carry two mic signals?

    I want to run a stereo pair of mics down a single cable to minimise the visual clutter on a tall mic stand, is star-quad cable a viable solution?

    Sound Advice Apr 2023
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    CB Electronics XPatch analogue routing matrix patchbay system Stream Deck remote control support

    XPatch gains Stream Deck support

    Offers remote control over routing settings

    The latest software update for the XPatch analogue routing matrix allows users to control their device's configuration using an Elgato Stream Deck.

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    Meet The Problem Solvers!

    Essential Gadgets For The Recording Studio

    These gadgets might not be the most glamorous devices, but at some point in your recording adventures you’ll probably find you need each and every one.

    Sound Advice Jan 2023
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    myVolts Candycord Halo LED light up patch cables modular synth CV signal display

    myVolts Candycord Halo Kickstarter

    LED cables respond to CV signals

    myVolts are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund Candycord Halo, a range of illuminated patch cables that provide modular synth users with visual feedback on the status of their CV connections.

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    Cranborne Audio CAST Intro Bundle

    Analogue Audio Routing System

    Cat cabling is cheap and readily available — and there’s no reason you can’t use it to run balanced analogue audio signals all over the place!

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    CopperSound DIY

    CopperSound introduce CopperSound DIY

    A collection of breadboarding tools for hobbyists and pros alike

    CopperSound DIY offers some unique breadboarding tools for prototyping audio circuits.

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    Nektar WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB wireless bluetooth midi solution

    Nektar wireless MIDI solutions

    Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI devices

    The WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB from Nektar offer wireless MIDI solutions for almost any MIDI device.

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    Q. How do balanced signals work in audio gear?

    Could you please explain why audio gear uses balanced signals and how they work?

    Sound Advice Apr 2022


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