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    Neuratron PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate 2020

    Notation Software

    Let Neuratron take the misery out of copying musical notation.

    Reviews . Aug 2021
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    Notation Software For iOS & Windows

    Pen-based input devices have been sadly neglected in music software. The StaffPad notation app reminds us why they're cool!

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Steinberg Dorico 3

    Notation Software

    Steinberg's innovative notation package reaches version 3 — and maturity?

    Reviews Feb 2020
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    PG Music Band In A Box 2017

    Automated Music Creation Software: Part 2

    We conclude our review of PG Music’s unique music auto-generation package by exploring some of the more advanced ways you can shape its output.

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    PG Music Band In A Box 2017

    Automated Music Creation Software

    With thousands of styles, songs and sounds on tap, Band In A Box 2017 can supply everything from inspiration to finished tracks.

    Reviews May 2017
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    MakeMusic Finale 25

    Notation Software

    As competition hots up in the world of notation software, does the latest version of MakeMusic’s long-established Finale have what it takes to stay in the race?

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    Steinberg Dorico [Preview]

    Score-writing Software

    Dorico is the biggest thing to happen to notation software for years. We explore the initial release and discover the thinking behind its innovative design.

    Reviews Feb 2017
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    PreSonus Notion 6/Studio One 3.3 now shipping

    Notion adds handwriting recognition and better integration

    PreSonus is now shipping Notion 6, a major upgrade to its popular notation software that adds handwriting recognition and fuller integration with Studio One 3.3...

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    Steinberg unveil Dorico music notation software

    Includes HALion Symphonic Orchestral Library and single-window UI

    Steinberg Media Technologies have announced details of its highly anticipated music notation software, Dorico,...

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    Notion for iOS adds handwriting recognition tech

    Mobile app uses MyScript and supports Apple Pencil

    The latest update to PreSonus Notion for iOS uses MyScript digital ink technology to add handwriting recognition for...

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    StaffPad For Windows

    Music Notation App

    Using pencil and paper to write down music may seem outdated in this digital age, yet it retains a hands-on immediacy unrivalled by conventional notation software. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that combines the advantages of both? Enter StaffPad, an app which lets you write music with a pen directly on screen...

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    PreSonus Notion 5

    Notation Software For Mac OS & Windows

    With development accelerating under new ownership, Notion continues to challenge the established names in the music notation market.

    Reviews May 2015
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    DoReMIR ScoreCloud

    Music Transcription Software For Mac OS & Windows

    DoReMIR’s unique program helps to bridge the gap between performance and musical score — and it’s free!

    Reviews Jan 2015
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    Avid Sibelius 7.5

    Notation Software For Mac OS & Windows

    The first new release of Sibelius in three years comes from the program’s relocated home in California. Is this much-loved notation package still in safe hands?

    Reviews Dec 2014
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    MakeMusic Finale 2014

    Notation Software For Mac OS & Windows

    MakeMusic's Finale is the one constant in a rapidly changing notation software market, and the 2014 version is better than ever.

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Notion Music Notion 4.

    Notion Music - Notion 4

    Notation Software For Mac OS, Windows & iPad

    Some score-writing packages are affordable, some are powerful, and some are easy to use. Is Notion 4 the first to tick all three boxes?

    Reviews Apr 2013
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    MakeMusic Finale 2012

    Score Editing Software For Mac OS & Windows

    MakeMusic’s Finale score-writing software has been helping composers and publishers for a quarter of a century. What does its 2012 incarnation bring?

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    DoReMIR ScoreCleaner

    MIDI Transcription Software

    Conventional notation software often struggles to turn real MIDI performances into usable scores. ScoreCleaner applies artificial intelligence to the problem...

    Reviews Jul 2012
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    Arobas Guitar Pro 6

    Notation Software [Mac OS, Windows & Linux]

    Writing down every nuance of a guitarists performance is a challenge that can tax even the best notation software. Is Arobass Guitar Pro 6 the answer?

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Notion Music Notion 3

    Notation Software & Virtual Instrument Player For Mac & PC

    The latest Notion scoring package offers upgraded orchestral samples, VST compatibility and a host of new features. Will it score highly with the musical community?

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    MakeMusic Finale 2010

    Notation Software [Mac OS/Windows]

    MakeMusics popular notation package strides forward into a new decade, adding a host of useful features.

    Reviews Feb 2010


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