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Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Smart Orchestra all-in-one orchestral library sketch mock-ups

Synchron Smart Orchestra from VSL

Vienna Symphonic Library’s latest release places an entire orchestra across the keyboard, offering a quick and simple way to sketch out new ideas with a large symphonic sound.

VSL Synchron Duality Strings Vienna Ensemble Pro Apple Silicon native update

VSL Synchron Duality Strings & M1/M2 updates

VSL have extended the introductory pricing offer on their recently released Synchron Duality Strings, as well as announcing native M1 and M2 support for three more of their products.

VSL Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro 3D reverb immersive mixing audio software

VSL release MIR Pro 3D

Vienna Symphonic Library have released MIR Pro 3D, the third generation of their mixing and reverberation software.


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