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1010music announce nanobox | tangerine

Supports complex multi-sampled instruments

1010music nanobox tangerine mini compact portable sampler multiple velocity layers

The latest addition to 1010music’s range of miniature instruments draws its inspiration from the early days of sampling, and aims to offer interesting new ways of generating sounds in desktop or portable rigs. nanobox | tangerine packs in some powerful sampling functionality, and is capable of everything from firing one-shot samples to handling complex multi-sampled soundsets.

1010music nanobox tangerine rear panel connections mini-jackDue to its compact size, all of the tangerine's audio and MIDI I/O is provided on 3.5mm TRS connectors.Like the other instruments in the range, much of the tangerine’s functionality is provided by a touchscreen interface, which offers a set of eight sample pads and is joined by four hardware buttons and a pair of rotary encoders. Each pad can be loaded with single or multiple samples — the device features up to 24 voices of polyphony, supports up to 16 velocity layers and can access up to 576 WAV files — which can be triggered via the touchscreen or from an external MIDI controller. Thanks to its multi-layer capabilities, the tangerine is able to trigger complex instrument samples, and even comes supplied with a 1.7GB multi-sampled piano developed by a well-known sample library company.

There is 64MB of built-in memory, but for more detailed projects, the device is equipped with a microSD card slot and supports a maximum sample size of 4GB. In addition to loading pre-made audio files, the tangerine is capable of recording mono or stereo files, making it possible to capture completely new samples from scratch. Once recorded, they can be immediately played back or looped, and there is even a set of built-in editing tools that allow users to tweak a sample’s parameters directly from the touchscreen.

The nanobox | tangerine comes supplied with a microSD card loaded with 85 presets and over 1500 WAV files, a USB power cable and a 3.5mm TRS to five-pin DIN adapter.

Pricing & Availability

nanobox | tangerine will be available in November 2023, priced at $399.

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