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1010music introduce bluebox Eurorack edition

Built-in effects & multitrack recording

1010music bluebox Eurorack edition modular synth digital mixer built-in effects CV

1010music have announced the upcoming launch of the bluebox Eurorack edition, a new mixer for modular synth rigs that features built-in effects and multitrack recording. The unit is based on their award-winning bluebox desktop mixer, and offers a wealth of onboard processing capabilities along with connectivity for external MIDI controllers.

The mixer occupies 30HP of space, and features 12 analogue inputs on 3.5mm TS sockets, supporting up to 12 mono or six stereo sources. Each channel can be independently routed to any combination of outputs, with another four TS sockets offering four mono or two stereo outputs, and a 3.5mm TRS socket providing a headphone output. Individual tracks or a full stereo mix can also be recorded directly to an onboard microSD card, or to a computer via a built-in two-channel USB audio interface. As well as recording a performance, both the microSD card and USB interface can also be used to play back audio files through the mixer.

In terms of integrating with other gear, the device features six CV inputs for modulation and control of its parameters, along with an analogue clock output and MIDI I/O, all of which utilise 3.5mm TS and TRS connectors. A pair of USB-C ports are present, with one providing the audio interface functionality, and the other allowing users to connect USB MIDI-capable controllers.

As with all of 1010music’s products, the bluebox Eurorack edition features a touchscreen alongside a set of hardware buttons and encoders, offering intuitive control over all of its key features. Every track is equipped with its own four-band EQ and independent sends that can be used to feed built-in delay and reverb processors, and there is also a global compressor for processing the main mix output. It is possible to assign a master control to quickly adjust the same mixer parameter across multiple tracks, if required. Helpfully, all of the mixer’s settings, including parameters for tracks, outputs, EQs and effects can be saved and recalled as a project file.

Pricing & Availability

The bluebox Eurorack edition will be available in early October 2023, priced at $699.

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