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Toontrack launch "most diverse, versatile" EZX expansion

Toontrack Action! EZX InterfaceIncludes over 450 individual instruments.

Toontrack has announced the release of one of its most diverse, yet versatile EZX expansions to date. The Action! EZX presents a fusion of orchestral percussion, sound effects, custom foley and classic drum machine sounds, designed for use in any creative context where beat, groove and tone are allowed to transcend the traditional confines.

In addition to classic orchestral instruments like timpani, tamtam and timbale, it also captures one-of-a-kind foley, risers, claps, snaps, drops and layered textures of sound never before heard – all intuitively blended, mixed, matched and saturated with various effects in creative hybrid kits.

All in all, in excess of 250 individual percussive sounds are presented and used in the more than 15 mix-ready kit configurations included.

Whether you’re creating ambient soundscapes, sound designing or producing cutting-edge music, the Action! EZX puts you in the director’s chair enabling you to create any percussive motif you can imagine.

Feature Spotlight

  • Orchestral and traditional percussion
  • Acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds
  • Percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements
  • Ideal for soundtracks and creative sound design
  • More than 450 individual instruments in total
  • 21 mix-ready presets
  • A selection of MIDI grooves included
  • Requires EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer

For full details, videos, demos and to buy visit:

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