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AES 2008: Line 6 Backtrack (Video)

Instant Replay for Guitar
On display at the Line 6 booth at the AES show was a neat gizmo called Backtrack: a personal recorder that sits in a guitarist’s signal chain. It constantly records the input, and intelligently creates WAV files of performances by sensing when the player starts and stops playing.

Takes can then be re-played, and even ‘marked’, in case they’re really worth re-visiting. The device also works as a USB mass storage device, and can be plugged into a computer, where the user can copy files, and view marked performances in a separate folder.

Powered is supplied by an on-board battery, which is recharged when connected to a computer via USB. (Stand-alone USB chargers, such as those for certain types of mobile phone, can also be used.)

Two versions of the Backtrack are available: the standard version ($99/£77) can store three hours of 24-bit/48kHz audio (up to four times that amount at lower rates), while the Backtrack + Mic ($149/£116), which has a microphone built in, can store six hours of performances at the highest quality sample rate. The oldest files that aren’t marked are automatically deleted when the storage space reaches capacity.

Line 6 +44 (0)1327 302 700

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