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StageScape gets a software update

Software moves to v1.1

Line 6 StageScape m20dLine 6 StageScape m20dWe reveiewed the StageScape back in November's edition and Line 6 have just announced a set of new playback and file management features with version 1.1 of the firmware. More follows from Line 6. 

Press Release: Line 6, Inc. leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians, is pleased to announce v1.1 of the StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system. This software update features enhanced recording, file management and playback capabilities that make it even easier for musicians to record their live shows, soundchecks and rehearsals.

“With StageScape M20d, musicians can capture high-quality multi-track recordings of their live performances without connecting a computer,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President of Product Management, Line 6. “The enhanced functionality in v1.1 makes it easier than ever to record live shows, capture the spontaneous song ideas that develop during rehearsals, and more.”

As part of the completely new recording user interface, users can place markers in sessions for fast access to different parts of a track, or to indicate the start and stop times of songs in a full-length live performance. It is also possible to import multi-track backing tracks from external sources and utilize them in a live performance, making StageScape M20d the center of the production.

In addition, the software provides improved Wi-Fi management, enabling StageScape M20d and iPad® devices to join an existing network for faster, easier integration and functionality throughout the entire network. The update also allows monitor outputs to be linked in stereo—ideal for in-ear monitoring or creating separate broadcast feeds.

StageScape M20d v1.1 software is available now and can be downloaded at

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