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AES 2009: Audio Technica (Video)

Two new ribbons and two updates

Audio Technica brought four new mics to AES, including some rather interesting new ribbons. The first mic is a switchable pattern version of the AT4047 called the AT4047MP, including omnidirectional, figure of eight and cardioid pick-up patterns. Another update to a previous model is the AT4050S stereo mic, a stereo version of the AT4050 multi-pattern condenser. IT contains a fixed cardioid capsule and a figure of eight capsule, which can output an MS signal or two selectable pickup angles, fixed at 127 degrees and 90 degrees.

The two new active, bi-directional ribbon microphones are designed to be less fragile than traditional ribbon designs, and are manufactured with patented aluminium ribbon technology, entirely devised and constructed in Japan, using a pair of pre-stamped aluminium ribbons. The stamping is designed to prevent sagging of the ribbon that can occur when such a microphone is stored incorrectly, while using a pair of ribbons achieves an increased high-end response compared to that of a traditional single ribbon.. The new system also incorporates a fine mesh material that protects the ribbon from dust and provides a degree of pop protection. The 4081 is a pencil shaped ribbon, while the 4080 comes in a more traditional form factor, including a shock mount and a large internal output transformer.

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