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AES 2009: Sonnox Restore (Video)

Audio restoration suite
Sonnox have already produced a number of respected plug-ins (see revies in SOS August 2007 and September 2008), and have now added Sonnox Restore — a bundle of three restoration tools — to their line-up. The three tools are designed to handle a different aspects of restoration, and are called DeClicker, DeBuzzer and DeNoiser. DeClicker is designed to remove pops, clicks and crackles from programme material, using spectral analysis to accurately separate the three pre-defined types of artifact in realtime. In the event that a certain click is desirable, the GUI allows the user to isolate the sound and prevent its removal. A special dialogue mode is also provided for tidying up voice-over work.

De Buzzer is included to take care of annoying hums that can find their way onto recordings and transfers. An intelligent tracking mode allows the plug-in to automatically locate fundamental hums and their harmonic counterparts, keeping a grip on them even when the offending frequencies wander throughout the track. Rounding the collection off nicely, DeNoiser helps you to take care of unwanted hiss. Plenty of options are included for tracking-down the offending noise, and the plug-in includes a warmth control for sweetening the source-material after noise-reduction has been applied. All three of the plug-ins include an auditioning mode that allows the user to monitor the elements that are being removed by the restoration process; very handy for achieving an optimum result.
Sonnox Restore costs £1195 and is protected by the PACE iLok, meaning an iLok dongle and a spare USB port are required for registration.

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