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AES 2017: Eventide H9000 (Video)

Flagship effects processor announced at New York show

Having diversified from hardware into plug-ins and stompboxes Eventide continue to be associated with the very best in algorithmic sonic manipulation, but it’s the big, powerful H-series rackmount multi-effects processors that seem somehow quintessentially Eventide.

The new H9000 is the biggest and most powerful yet, offering multi-channel effects processing from four quad-core ARM processors serving as 16 independent DSP engines. While the H9000 is happy to operate as an old-school outboard processor, its ample connectivity means it can be fully integrated into DAW-based studio environments, with 16 channel USB audio interfacing, eight analogue inputs and outputs, AES/EBU and ADAT I/O and three expansion slots that can house optional MADI, Dante, Ravenna and AVB network cards.

The H9000 is also fully remote-controllable from Emote, available as a standalone app for Windows and MacOS or as a VST, AU and Pro Tools plug-in. In addition to multichannel processing for surround sound or multiple individual tracks, the H9000 also introduces the FX Chains feature, whereby up to four effects can be combined with flexible routing. Alongside a wealth of high-quality, deeply tweakable effects, the H9000 includes a whopping 2,017 presets, including many favourites imported from the H8000, DSP4000, H3000 and Eventide’s H9 Harmonizer stompbox.

It’s available now in limited quantities, with the full launch scheduled for the end of March 2018. Two different versions of the H9000 are available. The standard version, with the full complement of front-panel controls and large, full-colour screen, costs $6,999 while the H9000R, which has a blank front panel and is designed purely for remote control, costs $4999.

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