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AES 2017: Antelope Discrete Microphone System (Video)

Mic modelling system announced by Antelope

At the AES Convention, Antelope Audio announced that they are throwing their hat into the modelling microphone ring with their Discrete Microphone System.

The range consists of two audio interfaces – the Discrete 8 and the Discrete 4 – and two condenser microphones – the large-diaphragm, multi-pattern Edge and the small-diaphragm Verge. The interfaces boast high-quality mic preamps, Thunderbolt and USB connectivity and Antelope’s desirable A-D/D-A conversion and clocking technology. The full range of FPGA FX is also present, covering compression, EQ, guitar amp modelling and reverb, but the real innovation is Antelope’s new Accusonic microphone and preamp modelling, which promises to recreate the sound of a range of classic mics and mic pres. Thanks to the system’s very low latency, performers can track with modelling in place, while the engineer can later change the model or settings during mixing. Antelope say that the preamps are designed to get the best out of any mic, though using the Edge and Verge mics, which have been specifically designed for the purpose, will presumably deliver the best results when applying modelling. The Discrete 8 features eight fully discrete mic/line preamps, eight analogue outputs, a stereo monitor out, two headphone outputs and two guitar reamp outputs, alongside S/PDIF in and out, two ADAT optical ins and outs and word clock in and out. The Discrete 4 offers four discrete mic/line preamps, four line outputs, a stereo monitor output, four headphone outputs, S/PDIF and ADAT in and out and two word clock outs. A software control panel handles routing duties, and iOS and Android remote control apps are also available. Meanwhile, the new ConnectAFX plug-in lets you control the full range of effects and mic/preamp models from within the DAW environment.

The new range will be available very soon. Prices start at 1,295 Euros for the Discrete 8 and 899 Euros for the Discrete 4 with the Basic FX Collection, rising to 1,995 Euros and 1,399 Euros respectively with the Premium FX Collection. The Verge small-diaphragm condenser will cost 149 Euros while the Edge large-diaphragm condenser will cost 899 Euros. A range of mic-and-interface bundles are also on the cards, such as the Discrete 4 with one Edge mic, Premium FX and mic emulations (1,995 Euros) and the Discrete 8 with one Edge mic, six Verge mics, the Premium FX and mic emulations (2,995 Euros).

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