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AES UK Mastering Conference coming Sept 22-23

Top mastering pros share expertise in London event

The new Mastering Group within the AES UK Section will be presenting the inaugural UK Mastering Conference 2018 this September with top professionals from the discipline delivering keynote speeches, Q&As and technical presentations.

Programme highlights include a Q&A with Mandy Parnell, mastering engineer to Björk, Aphex Twin and White Stripes, hosted by Katie Tavini. 

Also, see Keynote speeches from four-time Grammy-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper. Over the years she has mastering historical reissue projects for such prestigious artists as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dave Brubeck, Stephen Sondheim and Johnny Cash.

Crispin Herrod Taylor of Crookwood Audio Engineering will also present on the topic of keeping your business going in the face of AI mastering. 

For the full programme of speakers, visit

The AES UK Mastering Conference 2018 will be hosted at the Regent St campus of Westminster University in London. Sponsors include iZotope, PMC, SADiE, Prism Sound, MQA, Sonnox and more. Tickets cost between £70 and £125.

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