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Akai MPC 2.11 update

Update brings new plug-ins, browser and MIDI functionality

Akai MPC feature update 2.11

Akai have announced an upcoming feature update to their MPC software. Free for registered MPC users, version 2.11 adds new tools and enhancements including two new plug-in effects, and a new Sounds Mode browser function.


The newly added AIR Flavour brings vinyl simulation to the MPC, with over 30 timbres on offer including radio transistors, tubes, boom boxes and amplifiers. Parameters include distortion, flutter and noise, with tools available to impact the stereo field. AIR Amp Sim also joins the effects line-up, bringing with it a whole host of amp and cabinet emulation effects as well as EQ and distortion that can be used to treat any sound source in addition to the obvious application of guitar processing. AIR Granulator has also been updated in 2.11, with users able to control three new parameters, Reverse, Shape, and Skew, allowing interesting new audio manipulation possibilities.

Sounds Mode

Sounds Mode is a new browser that aims to simplify the process of finding and auditioning sounds. Designed to work intuitively with the MPC touch screen, Sounds can be grouped by instrument type, MPC Expansions, Drum Programs, CV Programs and more. Users can also create up to 256 presets in a Favourites tab to be recalled instantly, or save entire projects to the Set-lists tab to enable faster loading in between song performances.

Other features

Version 2.11 also adds Probability and Ratcheting, a feature that adds variation to repetitive beats, rhythms and melody lines. The Note Probability function allows users to choose the probability that notes within their MIDI track will be played, with 25%, 50%, or 75% settings available, whilst the Ratchet setting adds subdivisions to notes and allows users to trigger rhythmic variations.

New MIDI functions have been implemented, with a Key Split allowing parts to be assigned to different areas of the keyboard, and new settings that allow tracks to be configured to filter notes outside of a defined key or velocity range. A Pad to Keygroup function allows samples from a pad to be mapped to a keygroup, where they can be pitched and played as scales, chords or melodies.

Akai have also added the MPC Tuner, a built-in instrument tuner that helps to ensure external instruments are in tune without the need to disconnect them and use an external device.

You can take a look at the new features in the walkthrough video below.

MPC 2.11 will be available to download on June 23rd 2022. More information is available on the Akai website.

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