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Antelope Audio - Galaxy 32 Immersive update

Flagship interface gains comprehensive surround and immersive audio features

Antelope Audio Galaxy 32 Synergy Core immersive surround update

Antelope Audio have released an update that introduces surround and immersive monitoring control and speaker calibration functionality to their flagship Galaxy 32 Synergy Core interface. Supporting monitoring setups of up to 16 channels and offering comprehensive calibration and bass management options, Antelope say that the update makes the Galaxy 32 the perfect interface for any surround or immersive setup.


A wide variety of formats are supported, with 23 configuration presets catering for everything from stereo and 2.1 through to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 setups available via a new Surround section in the interface’s control software. In addition to these preconfigured setups, users are able to utilise the software’s routing matrix to create their own configurations within the 16 channel limit using any combination of the interfaces sources. Thunderbolt playback, Dante, MADI, HDX, ADAT S/PDIF or analogue line level sources can all be processed and monitored via any output, or combination of outputs.

Control and calibration

Antelope Audio Galaxy 32 surround tabThe interface control software now features a dedicated surround control sectionThe new Surround tab provides a visual representation of a setups’ speaker configuration, with pre and post-processing metering for each channel displayed directly above. Selecting a speaker gives access to its mute and solo functions, as well as processing and calibration settings. Main volume for the entire configuration is available alongside dim and mute functionality, and the overall volume for multi channel setups can be controlled via the interface’s front panel encoder.

Each of the 16 channels features an eight band parametric equaliser, and up to 100ms of delay per channel is available for distance correction adjustments. Independent level adjustment and polarity inversion options also available, whilst an adjustable crossover section provides users with control over each channels high-pass or low-pass filter settings. A global “lip-sync” delay is also present, allowing an additional offset of up to 100ms to be applied to all speakers.

Bass management

Antelope Audio Galaxy 32 LFE mixerA dedicated mixer window provides LFE routing optionsThe crossover filters on each channel allow low-frequency information to be routed to the LFE channel, facilitating mixing on monitoring setups that lack full-range speakers across the setup. Filter type, order and cutoff frequency settings are available for each channel, and are visualised in the respective channel’s EQ graph. A separate mixer window provides access to LFE send levels, with options to send signals before or after the channel’s EQ. Settings can be individual for each channel, or linked as required.

The new functionality is available now via a free firmware and software update, more information is available over on the Antelope Audio website.

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