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Apogee plug-ins now Apple Silicon native

Updates available from the Apogee website

Apogee Apple Silicon Native support and free limiter plug-in

Apogee have announced that all of their plug-ins now run natively on Apple computers equipped with M1 series processors. The Clearmountain series, Apogee FX, ECS Channel Strip and the new Soft Limit plug-in have all been updated, with Apogee saying customers will benefit from an astounding amount of processing power.

All of the updates are available as downloads from the Apogee website. Registered, subscribed customers will receive a direct email with download links to the installers.

Apogee are currently still offering their Soft Limit plug-in for free. It's a software tape emulation and limiter originally found as a built-in feature of the company’s prestigious A/D converters.

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