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Arturia release Dist COLDFIRE

Versatile plug-in offers a wide range of distortion effects

Arturia Dist COLDFIRE dual modulated distortion plug-in

Arturia have announced the release of Dist COLDFIRE, a dual-engine distortion plug-in which combines both digital and modelled analogue distortion types and offers deep modulation and customisation options.

There are 11 distortion types on offer, any two of which can be loaded together and combined, with a balance slider allowing users to blend between the two sections. The left and right sides of the GUI offer dedicated control of each selected distortion’s parameters, with each one benefitting from a six-mode pre-distortion filter with resonance control, as well as a two-band post-distortion filter. Five different routing options are available for the distortion sections: Serial, Parallel, Stereo, Mid/Side, and Band Split.

A Modulation section along the bottom of the interface provides processing options for the resulting combination of distortions. Six assignable modulation slots are available, each with LFO, Function, Follower and 16-Step Sequencer modes. In addition to the separate parameters for each individual distortion, a Master section provides overall input and output level controls as well as global ‘Colour’ and dry/wet balance controls, and a Dynamics module equipped with Compressor, Multiband and Limiter modes provides both pre and post-distortion dynamics processing. For those wishing for even more control, a hidden Advanced control panel provides access to more in-depth sound design features. 

Over 150 presets are included with the plug-in, offer sounds that range from subtle saturation intended to enhance mixes through to more extreme, heavily modulated distortion effects. 


The plug-in is available in VST, AAX and AU formats, and is supported on systems running Windows 8.1 and above, or macOS 10.13 and above. 1GB of free space is required, and Dist COLDFIRE also features NKS support for integration with Native Instruments’ series of hardware controllers.

Pricing & Availability

Dist COLDFIRE is available now, and is priced at €99. Until 15 September 2022, Arturia are offering an introductory pricing offer on Dist COLDFIRE bundled with FX Collection 3, priced at €299 (reduced from €399). Current FX Collection 3 owners can log into their accounts to see their own personal offer price.

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