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Brainworx release new bx_saturator plug-in

Multi-band saturation tool utilising Brainworx's Mid/Side technology

Plugin Alliance's Brainworx have announced the bx_saturator, a Mid/S<strong>The plug-in utilises Brainworx's new crossover technology, 'True-Split'.: </strong>Brainworx bx_saturator plug-inide and multi-band saturation tool that can be used for mastering, mixing and sound-design.

The bx_saturator plug-in offers a subtle distortion that can be applied either to individual signals of a mix, or the stereo master channel. Using Brainworx's new 'True-Split' crossover technology, the plug-in is able to keep the Mid and Side channels of the audio signal completely in phase.

Another feature is the capability to increase the perceived volume of mixes without clipping them, or bring out more delicate signals, like acoustic guitars and percussion, in full mixes without increasing their actual level or equalising them.

Bx_saturator is currently available at a discounted price of $179, and can be purchased directly from the Plugin Alliance website:

Be sure to check out Brainworx's website for more information at

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