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British Pedal Company unleash King of Fuzz Tone Bender

Limited to 250 units worldwide

British Pedal Company King of Fuzz Tone Bender limited edition guitar effect

The British Pedal Company have recently announced the release of a limited edition version of their Tone Bender pedal, the King of Fuzz. Created to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III, and limited to 250 units, the pedal offers the same hand-selected components as theTone Bender Professional MkII, but sports a hand-painted Union Jack finish.

Employing three OC81D transistors, the King of Fuzz is said to deliver far more warmth and saturation than its OC75-equipped counterparts. The simple top panel features just Level and Attack parameters, with bypass duties taken care of by a high-quality Carling footswitch.

Each of the pedals come complete with a limited edition certificate, and are hand-signed and numbered by their builder.

Pricing & Availability

The Tone Bender is available now, priced at £339 including VAT.

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