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Check out SOS contributor Craig Anderton's new book!

The Big Book of Studio One Tips & Tricks is available now

Craig's new 55,000-word eBook.Craig's new 55,000-word eBook.

Long-time SOS contributor Craig Anderton has turned his collection of weekly online tips for users of PreSonus Studio One, the ‘Friday tip of the week’, into a book. The Friday tip started as part of the PreSonus blog, where it can still be found every week, but the best 130 of them have now been, as Craig puts it, “consolidated, updated, expanded on, and categorised” to make The Big Book Of Studio One Tips & Tricks.

This 55,000-word eBook, with 278 illustrations, is available now, along with Craig’s three other Studio One-orientated help books, from the PreSonus online store as a download for $12.99. Just follow the link below for more info.

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