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Cherry Audio Mercury-4 softsynth

Jupiter-4 emulation unveiled

Cherry Audio Mercury-4

Software synth devs Cherry Audio have just released Mercury-4: an emulation of the first-ever Roland polysynth, the classic Jupiter-4. Sound-wise, Cherry Audio say they were aiming for absolute authenticity (a goal reflected in the GUI), but they've also added features where appropriate, such as expanded polyphony (16 voices versus the original's four), velocity sensitivity, MPE support, and an integral model of that other Roland classic, the RE-201 Space Echo.

The Roland Jupiter-4 made a notable appearance on the Cars' 1981 album Shake It Up — and it was that exact model (pictured) that Cherry Audio have sought to emulate. Indeed, the band's keyboardist Greg Hawkes has even remarked that Cherry Audio's emulation “sounds just like my old Jupiter!”.

Cherry Audio's Mercury-4 is available now, and selling for the enticing introductory price of just $39 in the States, or £35.00 in the UK. Check out the video below to hear it in action.

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