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PWM Malevolent launched

Analogue modular with USB-CV control

PWM Malevolent

PWM are a new British electronic instrument company, and they've just released an impressive debut synth: the Malevolent. A dual-VCO semi-modular monosynth, the Malevolent sports a 2.5-octave mini keyboard, a multi-function (pitch, vibrato and portamento) joystick, and no fewer than 38 jack patch points.

In addition to its traditional modular credentials, it incorporates a built-in USB MIDI-CV converter, meaning you can trigger and control it from your DAW, with MIDI messages being converted to standard Gate and 1V/oct CV signals.

There's a six-mode arpeggiator present too, and this can sync either to its internal clock or to an external one, via either USB, MIDI clock or an analogue pulse. Usefully, you can power the Malevolent via USB alone, making it a perfect partner for compact or live setups.

Perhaps best of all, though, is the price: PWM's new Malevolent monosynth is priced at just £499.99, and is available to pre-order now.

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