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Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres out now

Sample Logic library creates organic soundscapes

We’ve been impressed by the various versions of Cinematic Guitars that we’ve reviewed over the years, so it’s good to know that Sample Logic are continuing their good work with Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres. This new collection of samples and presets advances the company’s award-winning Cinematic Guitars family of Kontakt Player-powered cinematic virtual instruments with a product created with soundscapes in mind.

The library of 5GB of original samples comes from a suitably sizeable guitar collection and features unprocessed recordings ranging from Southern, Southwest Bluegrass, and Old Western to Pacific Islands and traditional Asian genres using unique instruments such as the 4-string Cigar Box guitar, Baritone guitars, bowed and traditional Ukuleles, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Marx-O-Chime, Dobro, Purgatory Hill Harp, Silvertone Archtop, and much more besides.

With over 850 presets, the library covers a great range of moods and encompasses bowed, plucked, and strummed styles — all the while covering musical ground, ranging from simple and stationary textures through to complex tempo-synched sonic animations.

Thanks to Sample Logic’s Multi Core engine, the new library allows up to eight soundsources to be stacked, shaped and evolved over time with the use of an X/Y slider and ‘3D Mixer’.

Throw in 20 studio-quality effects including Comp. (compressor), EQ, Saturator, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, as well as a randomisation control over a dozen different parameters and this looks like a powerful prospect.

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres can be ordered online and directly downloaded from Sample Logic for a time-limited introductory discounted price of $199.99 USD — rising to $249.99 USD thereafter. Cross-grade pricing is also available for a limited period for Cinematic Guitars Infinity owners, and both can be purchased together for $499.99.

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