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Digidesign announce X Form

Pitch-shifting and time-stretching plug-in
Digidesign have announced X Form, a new plug-in that uses Izotope’s Radius time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms to process audio.

X Form is an Audio Suite plug-in available for Pro Tools and Avid DNA systems that delivers professional time-stretching and pitch-shifting from a single, neatly designed GUI. It permits extreme processing — from 12.5 to 800 percent or ±36 semitones — while maintaining the natural timbre, transient attack and timing of the original file. It uses two algorithms — polyphonic and monophonic — allowing the user to suit the algorithm to their material.

Alongside X Form's controls for time-stretch and pitch-shift functions, there are adjustable transient sensitivity and input gain controls, plus handy 2x, 4x and 8x time-stretching buttons.

X Form should be shipping by the end of September, it's expected to cost £346 including VAT.

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