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Digital Performer 8 for Windows now shipping

30-day demo available now

Digital Performer 8Digital Performer 8Digital Performer, MOTU's digital audio worstation, has until now been a Mac-only affair, but they have just released a version that is compatibe with Windows. The full version costs $495/£400, and the Windows version is a free upgrade for any DP8 users on the Mac platform.

Here's more from MOTU:

Press Release: Digital Performer version 8 is now shipping for both Mac OS X and Windows 7, fulfilling DP's destiny as a leading audio workstation platform for Windows-based recording artists, producers, engineers, remixers, composers and anyone looking for advanced desktop music and audio production on a PC.

DP8 operates in 32-bit or 64-bit mode on Mac OS X and Windows 7. On Windows, it supports VST plug-ins and Rewire. 

Other new DP8 features

During in-booth demos, MOTU product specialists debuted other significant new DP8 features, including a new video playback engine, Punch Guard™ confidence recording, 14 new user interface themes, and 15 new included plug-ins.

Punch Guard™ records an extra four seconds of audio before and after record passes, allowing you to edge-edit in/out points to "uncover" audio material accidentally cut off during recording. DP8's new video engine allows full-screen viewing of 720 or 1080 HD video clips on a primary or secondary computer monitor, or on a conventional HDMI or SDI video monitor connected to a MOTU video interface such as the HD Express or HDX-SDI.

Digital Performer's Themes allow you to change the entire look of the software with one click. DP8 adds 14 new themes, including "Hi-Fi", "Arctic", "Earthling", and "None More Black".

Fifteen new plug-ins will be included with DP8, including two new classic guitar amp models, Live Room | B™ (a bass cabinet model similar to Live Room | G™), several classic guitar pedals, modeled analog delay, a multi-band dynamic equalizer, a de-esser, the Subkick™ kick drum enhancer, and Springamabob™, a modeled vintage spring reverb processor.

Further details will become available closer to release time. Stay tuned to for the latest information on this exciting new version of Digital Performer.

Pricing and availability

Retail pricing, upgrade pricing, and availability for DP8 will be announced later, but if you purchased DP7 on January 19, 2012 or later, you can receive the DP8 upgrade at no charge.

iPad support for CueMix FX

Also shown at NAMM: iPad support for CueMix FX, the mixing and effects processing engine in MOTU's current line of audio interfaces. With a simple software update, you will be able to control the mixing and processing features in your MOTU interface from OSC-compatible iPad software, which offers graphic, multi-touch control over your MOTU interface's mixer, EQ, compression and reverb.

iPad support for CueMix will ship as a free software update in spring, 2012. Check for late-breaking information about this software update.

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