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DPA expand headset mic range

Cardioid and omni models released

DPA 4466 Core

Danish electret microphone experts DPA have just released two new headset mics: the omnidirectional 4466 Core and the cardioid 4488 Core. Essentially, the newcomers package DPA's popular 5mm 4000-series capsules into the mounting hardware they developed for their top-of-the-line 6000-series headset mics. And, as their name suggests, they both also take advantage of DPA's recently developed low-noise, low-distortion Core circuitry.

About the new models, DPA's Product Manager René Mørch says: “With the purposeful design of our boom and locking system, the headset can accommodate all head sizes with just one boom length. This is even true for the directional option, for which the correct placement is so important. With the addition of the 4466 and 4488, users now have access to a wide array of solutions to meet an even greater variety of needs while also maintaining the typical clear and transparent DPA sound, which produces high speech intelligibility.”

Pricing for the new mics (which varies, depending on the connector type) starts at $770 for the 4466 Core and $870 for the 4488 Core. To find out more about the ingenious head-mounting system, check out our review of the 6000 series here.

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