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EastWest to launch 2 new ComposerCloud Plans

More features and bonus surround mic position for Symphonic Orchestra

EastWest Sounds is enhancing the first and only subscription offer for virtual instruments and sounds by introducing ComposerCloud X and a monthly version of ComposerCloud Plus. 

Just like the regular ComposerCloud plan, ComposerCloud X allows access to all 53 (and counting) EastWest ComposerCloud products, but with an additional mic position (close position for most libraries) included for those who sign up for a yearly subscription. The subscription fee of $29.99 (€26.99) stays the same, and subscribers can still pay on a monthly basis, but can now make use of the additional mic position with a one-time data fee of $10 and a yearly subscription commitment.

ComposerCloud X is a big incentive for EastWest users to make the switch to the subscription model as the additional mic position is not for sale individually. The extra mic position gives composers much more control over the sound of each instrument, and particularly if they require a more intimate sound as the additional mic position is the close mic position in most cases, often leading to more realistic results. 

For those who sign-up for ComposerCloud X before May 31, 2016, EastWest will include a bonus surround mic position for Symphonic Orchestra. 

The interactive demo at is an impressive example and allows users to control the sound of the instruments and hear what a difference this bonus mic position makes. 

Additionally, ComposerCloud Plus, the subscription plan for all Diamond and Platinum level EastWest products, is now also available on a monthly basis. Professional composers and producers who want access to all mic positions and 24-bit samples contained in the Diamond/Platinum libraries now have the flexibility to pay monthly instead of prepaying for an entire year. The monthly fee is $49.99 and requires the purchase of the $99 hard-drive on which all instruments are pre-installed for fast access and streaming.

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