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Elektron launch Analog Heat +FX

Analogue and digital effects unit with flexible routing

Elektron Analog Heat +FX

Elektron have announced the release of Analog Heat +FX, a new multi-effects processor that combines the analogue distortions of their Analog Heat MkII with digital effects, modulation and the ability to customise the signal chain.

The analogue saturation section of the Elektron Analog Heat +FX follows the blueprint of their Analog Heat stereo distortion processor. The user can select between eight different 'Heat Levels', each being a separate analogue distortion circuit ranging from a subtle clean boost to harmonic fuzz or high gain settings. There is a stereo analogue 7-mode filter section with frequency and resonance controls, as well as a noise gate and 2-band EQ.

Elektron have included comprehensive digital effects in the Analog Heat +FX. Reverb, delay, chorus, warble, bass focus, bit and sample rate reduction effects are all here, as well as a compressor. Another brand new feature is the Flow page, which allows the user to quickly rearrange, mute and unmute effects in the signal chain, presented on the OLED screen much like a virtual pedalboard. This is also where presets can be saved into any of the 512 preset slots.

Pressing the Mod button opens the modulation controls, offering users a lot of scope for even more sound-shaping. This section features an envelope follower and three LFOs, with each LFO being multi-waveform and having two possible destinations.

Watch our Elektron Analog Heat +FX Video Report from Superbooth 2023 to learn more!

Elektron Analog Heat +FX back panel

The Analog Heat +FX’s quarter-inch connections comprise stereo in and stereo out plus two control inputs for control voltage, expression inputs, or foot switches and a headphone monitoring output. The back panel also houses full-size MIDI ports including a MIDI Thru with DIN Sync support for use with classic hardware. The USB 2.0 port allows connection to a computer, phone or tablet as well as providing computer integration via Elektron’s Overbridge software.

Price & Availability

The Elektron Analog Heat +FX is available now for $999.

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