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ElevenLabs AI SFX generator

Create any sound from text prompts

ElevenLabs Sound Effects AI text prompt audio generator foley

ElevenLabs have launched Sound Effects: an AI-based SaaS [Software as a Service] tool capable of generating “any sound imaginable” from a text-based input. Hosted on the company’s website, Sound Effects allows users to enter a description of the sort of sound they’re looking for, and will quickly generate a downloadable audio file.

The service aims to provide a quick and affordable alternative to large foley and sound effects libraries, and promises to be able to create any sound a user may require, including instrumental music tracks up to 22 seconds long. Once a sound has been generated, it’s possible to refine it with further text prompts that include additional details or changes — the company give an example of starting with a request for footsteps, and then fine-tuning the result by describing the type of shoe or surface. 

Sound Effects can be used for free, although the company say that anyone wishing to publish content created with their free tier must attribute them by including ‘’ in the title of their work. Free users are also restricted by a monthly 10,000 character limit for their text entries. A range of paid options that provide users with commercial licenses for their generated content are also available.

More information can be found on the ElevenLabs website.

ADOBE FIREFLY text-to-image Generative AI tool

Adobe Firefly AI text-to-image generated imageText prompt used in Adobe Firefly: Eerie hotel corridors going into the distance with a walking (male) spiritAs a related aside, SOS staffers have been exploring Adobe Firefly, which is part of our company's Adobe Creative Cloud app suite used to write and design the monthly magazine. It uses text-to-image generative AI to produce stunning imagery, even with its first 4 image suggestions; it's heartily recommended if you haven't found it yet amongst Adobe's superb CC apps. Simply select one or more of the offerings and adjust your text promp and click to regenerate updated images. Download to your desktop/cloud when happy with the end result and use wherever you like, website, eBlasts, blogs, etc.

Here's an image Firefly generated in one minute from this text prompt: Eerie hotel corridors going into the distance with a walking (male) spirit.

Impressed? We are! Whether we like it or not, AI is transforming everything we touch and is being incorporated into more and more business apps and Google and Bing search engines, Microsoft Copilot, Apple's improved Siri+ChatGPT (CGPT comes free, so no subscription required; Apple pay) — and soon their Apple macOS computers. We live in exciting times, for sure.

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