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Elgato reveal Stream Deck +

Device gains touchscreen and encoders

Elgato Stream Deck Plus DAW custom key command macro controller

Elgato’s range of Stream Deck controllers were initially designed for the streaming and gaming markets, but due to their versatile and highly configurable nature have also become a popular choice amongst studio users. The company's latest offering, the Stream Deck +, retains the programmable keys found on previous versions, but adds a touchscreen display and a row of encoders that can be assigned to a wide range of operating system and software application functions.

Custom Commands

Elgato Stream Deck Plus DAW custom key command macro controller The Stream Deck + can be configured to place a range of DAW functions within easy reach.Eight buttons are present on the device, each of which feature backlit colour displays to provide a visual representation of their assigned function, along with text labelling if required. Built-in commands each have ready-made icons available, and users are also able to create their own custom icons via a Key Creator section of the Elgato website.

A wide variety of functions are included as standard, such as launching applications and triggering key commands, whilst over 200 additional plug-ins are available to extend the possibilities even further, providing dedicated control sets for specific software and introducing features such as the ability to transmit MIDI information.

Multiple pages of commands can be created within the Stream Deck software, and different profiles can be created for different applications, with the device able to automatically load the appropriate profile depending on which application the user is currently viewing, if required.

Touchscreen & Encoders

The new touchscreen is capable of displaying a range of information, and can be configured to provide visual feedback on the values of parameters assigned to the encoders. It also offers a way to navigate through different settings, with users able to swipe the display to change pages on the device. The Stream Deck + features four endless rotary encoders, each of which is also equipped with a push function, allowing it to be used a button in addition to providing control over variable parameters.

As with the previous Stream Decks, all configuration is carried out via a desktop application, allowing users to build custom layouts quickly and easily using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

The Stream Deck + measures 140 x 138 x 110 mm. It comes supplied with a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Pricing & Availability

The  Stream Deck + is available now, priced at $199.99£199.99 including VAT.

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