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Elektron announce Syntakt OS upgrade

Instrument gains two new sound Machines

Elektron Syntakt OS 1.20 analogue digital  drum machine synthesizer operating system upgrade download

Elektron have announced the release of an operating system upgrade for their Syntakt drum computer and synthesizer. OS 1.20 focuses on the melodic capabilities of the instrument, adding new SY Swarm and SY Raw sound machines which the company say expand Syntakt’s sound design possibilities even further.

SY Swarm offers Elektron’s re-imagining of a supersaw waveform, and provides a combination of seven digital sawtooth waveforms. Detune, Noise Modulation, and a dedicated Animate modulator are on offer, allowing the new Machine to be used to create everything from lead sounds to buzzing textures and soundscapes.

SY Raw is then equipped with two oscillators capable of delivering a range of classic analogue waveforms. Noise and ring modulation capabilities are available, allowing users to craft a wide variety of patches that range from basses and leads through to melodic percussion sounds.


Syntakt OS 1.20 is available to download now for free from the Elektron website.

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