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FabFilter Saturn 2 released

Major update for multiband saturation/distortion plug-in

Main screen of FabFilter Saturn 2 multiband distortion/saturation plug-in.

FabFilter's Pro-Q3 is possibly the go-to EQ plug-in for many project and name studio engineers, but some might say the company's original Saturn saturation/distortion plug-in has generally been overlooked by all but those in the know. So, after many years, FabFilter have decided to rebuild their multiband distortion and saturation plug-in from the ground up in a major redesign that brings it in line with the clean and simple GUI of their more popular plug-ins whilst peppering Saturn 2 with a host of new, enticing features.

They've doubled the number of distortion types to 28 with Subtle, Transformer, and four British and American Amp models. The new Linear Phase setting in combination with Subtle saturation adds warmth and 'excitement' to your final mixes in a way that FabFilter claims makes Saturn 2 "the mastering engineer's secret weapon". Talking of crossovers, these now come with variable slope options of 6, 12, 24 and 48 dB/oct.

You can process up to six bands with per-band drive, mix, feedback, dynamics, tone and level controls. There are now "endless modulation options", with all the 16-step XLFOs, XY controllers/sliders, envelope generators, envelope followers, and MIDI sources you will ever crave.

The new user interface is a visual delight and anyone familiar with newer FabFilter products will find it easy to navigate and fast to work with. A new 'High Quality' mode is on offer, plus Modulation is now better visualised on-screen with both source and target. In addition, animated colour-coded indication on knobs and sliders makes it easy to see what parameters are being modulated.

Saturn 2 is available now and the company is offering a 30-day Trial download, so go check it out at the link below.…

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