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Focusrite announce Clarett+ OctoPre

Eight channel preamp gains ‘Plus’ range features

Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre microphone preamp

Focusrite have announced the Clarett+ OctoPre, bringing the technical improvements seen in their Clarett+ interface range to their popular multi-channel preamp. Details of the upgrades can be found in our in-depth review of the Clarett+ 8Pre back in November 2021.

The unit features eight analogue microphone/line inputs boasting a dynamic range figure of 118dB, and eight analogue line outputs. Onboard A-D and D-A converters make all of those inputs and outputs available via ADAT at 48kHz, providing users of interfaces with ADAT connectivity with the chance to expand both their I/O channel counts. Each input is equipped with Focusrite’s low noise, low distortion mic preamps, with the first two channels also offering a JFET instrument input. Switchable Air circuitry is also present on all of the microphone inputs, a feature which alters the preamp's impedance and frequency response to emulate the sound of Focusrite’s renowned ISA 110 preamps. Phantom power for the mic inputs is switchable in blocks of four, whilst insert points are present on all input channels, allowing users to introduce external processors into the signal path before the A-D stage. 

Focusrite’s Hitmaker Expansion plug-in bundle is also included with the purchase of a Clarett+ Octopre, offering a range of processors, effects and virtual instruments including Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC, Focusrite Red Plug-In Suite, Relab LX480, XLN Audio Addictive Keys and more.

The Clarett+ OctoPre will begin shipping on May 10th 2022, priced at £709 Inc. VAT$799

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