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Get Eventide's classic doubling effect in your DAW

MicroPitch offers dual delay, detuning & modulation

One of the effects for which Eventide are best known — the wide, ADT-esque sound achieved by delaying and pitch-shifting a source, and panning the results — has just become available in stand-alone plug-in form.

MicroPitch lets you independently shift and delay the left and right duplicates of the input signal, and even modulate the results according to a tempo-sync'able LFO. The results, say Eventide, can range from a subtle chorus-type effect, via slap-back echoes, to wild pitch-diving feedback.

It's available now for Windows, OS X and iOS, and carries a normal MSRP of $99. Throughout the month of May, however, you can pick it up for just $39.

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