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IAC Acoustics unveil music practice room solution

MusicBox isolated, modular rehearsal rooms now available

Finding a good place to rehearse can be tricky, especially if you are working in an awkward space that isn’t acoustically appropriate or isolated from other rehearsing musicians. Equally, rehearsing musicians can be disrupting for others in certain settings.

IAC Acoustics has developed a solution to this problem in the form of the MusicBox range of modular music practice rooms. The standard MusicBox model and the MusicBox Pro offer flexibility and versatility, providing a range of organisations — such as schools, universities and academies — with space in which practicing and recording can take place. 

The MusicBox range from IAC Acoustics has features that minimise structural vibration so that noise cannot easily be transmitted into or out of the modular room. User comfort is also promised without compromising acoustic compliance thanks to a silent ventilation system. 

Whether part of a single or multi­room set­up, the modularity of the MusicBox range ensures that space is used optimally. Moreover, the look and feel of the configuration is as seamless as possible. 

Manoeuvring a MusicBox at a later date is surprisingly simple. As a result, any subsequent re­configurations which may be required can be implemented without too much effort. And the materials used are chosen to stand the test of time. The range has also been specifically designed to accommodate electrical services for lighting and power provision. 

The standard MusicBox unit comes with a single wall construction, enabling it to offer noise reduction levels of up to NIC 45 while keeping cost to a minimum. The MusicBox Pro differs from its stable mate with its double wall configuration, raising its reduction effect to NIC 65. 

In short, this means that the Pro model is better suited to the suppression of noise made by louder, often amplified instruments and audio playback. Meanwhile the basic MusicBox is ideal as a rehearsal space for those using quieter instruments. 

Customisation is key to the success of the MusicBox range. It is possible for buyers to specify the dimensions they require so that the product can fit into the available space with the greatest degree of precision. The height, width and depth can all be adjusted, with prefabricated panels ensuring that construction time is kept to a minimum. MusicBox rooms can also be moved thanks to their modular design. 


The basic package for both the MusicBox and MusicBox Pro can be augmented with extras, if required. These may include acoustic windows, tuning panels, custom colours, wall and ceiling finishes, bespoke flooring and a range of other features and options. Clients can therefore configure a MusicBox to their precise specifications, in addition to working within the limitations of the available space.

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