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IK launch FAME Studios Reverb

Convolution reverb puts Muscle Shoals sound in your DAW

IK Multimedia T-RackS FAME Studio Reverb

The latest addition to IK Multimedia's T-RackS range of plug-ins is a convolution-based reverb that aims to put the sound of the legendary Muscle Shoals FAME Studios in your DAW.

FAME Studio Reverb offers a total of nine ambiences, including both of FAME Studios' live rooms, five iso booths, their EMT plate reverb, and the studio's original echo chamber, which IK Multimedia even helped FAME co-owner and president Rodney Hall restore to its original specifications.

Each of the rooms was captured using the very same signal path that artists recording at FAME will have gone through. So the Studio A impulse responses were captured through their Neve 8232, while Studio B was recorded using an SSL 6056E formerly owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan. For a more vintage vibe, you can optionally switch either studio to responses recorded through FAME's original, custom-built Universal Audio 610 valve desk.

In capturing these ambiences, IK apparently used a proprietary convolution technology called 'Volumetric Response Modelling', which they say 'enhances' the measurement process for a 'truly immersive experience'. We're also told that, as well as capturing a stereo response, IK also recorded a mono room mic for each space, which you can mix in with the stereo mics or use on its own for the authentic sound of a vintage FAME Studios recording.

T-RackS FAME Studio Reverb will go on sale later in November, at the special introductory price of €129.99 (normal price €149.99). As with other T-RackS processors, it can be used either within the T-RackS shell or as a standard DAW plug-in.

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