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IK Multimedia announce iRig Acoustic

Acoustic guitar mobile mic/interface revealed

Ik Multimedia have announced iRig Acoustic, a mobile microphone and interface specially made for acoustic guitars and ukuleles that costs only $/€49.99. 

Here’s the pitch from its makers:

The device is an innovative and extremely compact clip-on acoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android. iRig Acoustic features a miniature omnidirectional microphone that IK claim gives “a rich quality of sound that beats piezo and magnetic pickups”. The technology, called MEMS or MicroElectrical-Mechanical System, lets you place the mic just inside the soundhole of your guitar. Then the companion AmpliTube Acoustic app can run a calibration process that analyses and optimizes the guitar's unique frequency response.  

The app also features a tone studio designed specifically for acoustic players, boasting multiple amplifiers, stompboxes and features designed specifically for acoustic playing. Some highlights include a 12-string emulator, a ‘Bass Maker’ octave pedal, a feedback notch filter ‘Feedback Killer’ and even a ‘Body Modeler’ that lets users transform the sound of their acoustic into a different style of guitar. Together, the iRig Acoustic and app are designed to provide professional-quality natural acoustic sound for plug-and-play live performance and recording.

Attachment to the guitar seems straightforward enough, simply clipping onto the rim of a guitar or ukulele's sound hole. iRig Acoustic also features monitoring and line-output capabilities for recording and performing live. This arrangement means that you are then freed up to move around the stage. For those that have a more aggressive playing style, positioning could potentially be interesting. This editor has worn away most of the bottom edge of the soundhole on his regularly-used acoustic guitar, but we’ll hope to put through its paces soon. 

It’s  available from the IK online store and select music instrument retailers. The companion AmpliTube Acoustic app is available on the App Store. Additional amp models, effects and features are available via in-app purchase.

See and hear more examples of iRig Acoustic in action here:

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