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IK Multimedia iRig Pre 2 preamp

Provides 48V Phantom, works with phones, tablets & DSLRs

IK Multimedia iRig Pre 2

IK Multimedia's iRig range of handy interfacing devices has just gained a new member, the iRig Pre 2. This battery-powered gizmo sports an XLR input socket and a mini-jack output, and is designed to let you plug a 'proper' microphone into the record inputs of various mobile devices, including phones, tablets and DSLR cameras.

Unlike many such devices, the iRig Pre 2 provides the full 48 Volts of phantom power, and can apparently do so for an impressive 7 hours using just two AA batteries. (With phantom power disabled, battery time is said to be up to 20 hours.)

An additional output is provided on another mini-jack socket, which outputs the analogue signal from the microphone for direct, latency-free monitoring.

The IK Multimedia iRig Pre 2 is due to go on sale in March, and will set you back €49.99.

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