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Korg announce limited edition Nano-series controllers 

Synth giants also reveal starter keyboard and update to innovative guitar tuner

Incredibly, it's been ten years since Korg launched their slim-line Nano-series controllers. To celebrate this milestone, the Japanese synth giants are updating their legacy MIDI controllers, announcing two vibrant colour models — in blue and yellow or green and orange livery.

The intention is that these can be a better aesthetic fit with your DAW- or hardware-centric studio and more eye-catching on stage. Each purchase also comes with downloadable codes for the Korg software bundle, a comprehensive suite of music production tools, along with a 20% discount coupon for Korg’s Gadget for OSX.

The limited-edition nanoKEY2 ($54.99), nanoPAD2 ($64.99) and nanoKONTROL2 ($64.99) will be available in the autumn through select retailers.

Korg have also launched their first starter keyboard — the EK-50 — equipped with 280 styles and over 700 sounds. The new, entry-level keyboard includes a variety of features that songwriters and  amateur keyboardists will enjoy, say its makers. These include the Single Touch Select (STS) function which automatically selects a recommended style when the player switches, providing a perfect pairing of sounds without distracting the performance. Starting at $399.99, the new keyboard will be available at select dealers in October 2018

Guitarists will also be pleased to hear that Korg have released the Rimpitch C2, the latest version of the tuner which sits within the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. Featuring a highly visible LED display, the new Rimpitch C2 will cost only $29.99.

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