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Yamaha announce new MODX synth range

Mid-priced MODX features Montage-style combo of samples and FM synthesis

Yamaha MODX7

Reviving two little letters that call to mind one of the most successful product lines from Yamaha’s past, the MODX is a new synth that combines eight-operator FM-X synthesis with the AWM2 sample playback engine. It will be available in three versions. The 61-key MODX6 ($1299)(£1249) and the 76-key MODX7 ($1499)(£1419) feature a semi-weighted action, while the MODX8 ($1899)(£1642) has 88 THS hammer-action keys. 

Yamaha MODX7 rear view

The new MODX occupies the same mid-range price bracket as the previous MOXF range and borrows heavily from the Yamaha Montage. It boasts the same dual-engine FM/AWM architecture as Yamaha’s flagship synth, with half the polyphony on the FM-X side (64 notes instead of 128) but the same 128-note polyphony on the AWM2 side.

The MODX range will also be fully patch-compatible with the Montage, the Motif series and (via an online patch converter) the original DX7. As Yamaha point out, that adds up to probably the biggest library of synth patches in existence — over 15,000 by their reckoning. The MODX range will be available soon.

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