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Korg release M1 for Nautilus

Nautilus owners gain classic sounds for free

Korg M1 Nautilus synthesizer workstation sounds

Korg have announced that new and existing Nautilus owners are now able to equip their instruments with the full complement of sounds from the company’s hugely successful M1 synthesizer workstation.

The pack contains 100 programs, 100 combis, and even the original demo songs that were first seen and heard on the M1. In addition to providing the sounds of the original instrument, the release also takes advantage of the extra power and features provided by the Nautilus, with users benefitting from the instrument’s additional polyphony, on-board effects, arpeggiator, and Smooth Sound Transition feature. 16-part combis are available in place of the original’s eight, and full use of the Nautilus’ 32-track audio and MIDI sequencer offers a significant improvement over the eight-track MIDI sequencing capabilities of the M1.


M1 for Nautilus is available now as a free download from the Korg website.

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