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Leapwing release Al Schmitt plug-in

Belgian software devs collaborate with legendary mix engineer

Leapwing Al Schmitt

Belgian software developers Leapwing Audio have just released a new signature plug-in, created with and named after legendary engineer Al Schmitt. In developing the Al Schmitt plug-in, Leapwing apparently analysed Schmitt's workflow, processes and techniques extensively, and the result is a semi-preset processor that aims to sprinkle a little Schmitt magic onto vocal, piano, bass, brass and string recordings, as well as on your mix bus.

Each preset, or 'profile' in Leapwing parlance, offers a different set of parameters aimed at the instrument in question. So the vocal profile, for example, features sliders for Body, Air, Echo and Compression, as well as switches for selecting between three different Air and Echo types. In addition, the different profiles add varying degrees of harmonic distortion, with the mix bus being the most sparing preset in this regard, and the bass profile dishing out the most.

The video below is a pretty comprehensive exploration of the plug-in's features, and shows you what parameters Leapwing have provided for each profile. There's a free 30-day demo available too, so you can try it out for yourself. It's available to buy now from the Leapwing online shop, for $159 in the States or £139 in the UK.

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