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Neumann unveil their first-ever headphones

Introducing the closed-back, neutrally voiced NDH20

Neumann's first-ever headphones, the NDH20.Neumann's first-ever headphones, the NDH20.
Given that headphones are effectively 'microphones in reverse', it seems odd that mic legends Neumann had never manufactured any... until January, when they announced the NDH20. According to Neumann, the new closed-back, foldable design is aimed at studio-based and FOH users who like to track and mix on headphones; the designers therefore strove for high acoustic isolation, portability and a neutral, uncoloured tone suited to reference monitoring and mixing, not unlike that exhibited by the company's KH studio monitors. With an impressively flat frequency response allegedly extending from 5Hz to 30kHz, the NDH20 uses new 38mm moving-coil drivers with neodymium magnets for maximum sensitivity and low distortion, connected by an adjustable headband made of flexible steel. Supplied with a soft cloth bag and two detachable cables (one coiled, one straight), the NDH20 retails for $499£419.

SOS first saw the NDH20 on the Sennheiser stand at NAMM in January — as you can see from the video below of Features Editor Sam Inglis being introduced to them for the first time.

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