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New Roland Boutique module & System-500 setup unveiled

Sound generator/controller & Eurorack system revealed

Roland have announced their line-up of new products for this week’s NAMM show. If you’re a synth lover, here are two new products you might like to check out.

Boutique A-01
Following in the footsteps of their already hugely popular recreations of 80s synths — the Boutique JU-06, JP-08 and JX-03 — Roland are launching a new MIDI controller and sound generator for the same format. It offers control over MIDI and CV/Gate-equipped analog gear, an onboard tone generator and 16-step sequencer. It’s also especially useful when paired with the optional Roland K-25m keyboard. Like the other Boutique modules, it also sports a built-in speaker and battery/USB power. In addition to traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors, it uses Bluetooth for wireless MIDI, compatible with Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone.

Beyond its role as a MIDI controller, the A-01 also features an internal 8-bit CPU sound generator designed by the engineer responsible for some of Roland’s most legendary vintage synth. Assignable dials provide comprehensive control options over external gear and the internal sound generator, while a 192 x 40mm graphic LCD screen clearly displays key information including the shape of the output waveform.

System-500 Complete Set
Although already announced and previewed at Musikmesse 2015, the System-500 has now officially landed as its complete form. This fully analogue modular synthesizer is inspired by two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time — the legendary System-700 and System-100M. Made for Eurorack format, the System-500 Compete Set is a comprehensive system with multiple oscillators, filters and effects in a versatile, custom case with patch cables

The SYSTEM-500 Complete Set includes:

  • The 512 module with two voltage controlled oscillators featuring saw, sine and square waves,
  • The 521 module with two voltage controlled filters featuring selectable high-pass filters, 
  • The 530 module with two voltage controlled amplifiers, each featuring multiple CV inputs, 
  • The 540 module with two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO; 
  • and the 572 module with classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and LFO. 

With two VCOs, two VCFs, two VCAs, two ADSR envelopes, two dedicated LFO sections, and a powerful effects module, the System-500 Complete Set is designed to be flexible, expandable and capable right out of the box. An array of CV/Gate connections and controls make it suitable as a centrepiece for any modular setup. Its attractive wood and metal case can sit flat or tilt, providing plenty of clean, stable power, and blending in with the classic looks of the System-500 modules.

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