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New soft synth from Expressive E

Noisy combines physical modelling and subtractive synthesis

Expressive E Noisy

Parisienne synth company Expressive E have just unveiled a new software instrument, called Noisy. It's described as a hybrid of physical modelling and subtractive synthesis, yet Expressive E have apparently gone to great lengths to make the interface intuitive and easy to use.

In essence, rather than using traditional oscillators, Noisy sends noise into 'resonators', which are akin to algorithmic reverbs in that they model acoustic phenomena like delays, comb filtering and standing waves. Noise being inherently unpredictable, however, means that the output from these resonators is constantly changing, which Expressive E say gives their sound a unique character.

Whatever's going on under the hood, Noisy certainly looks very approachable — and, more importantly, as far as we can tell from the preview video (see below), it sounds very musical too! A comprehensive effects section is present to help you sweeten your synth tones.

Noisy is available now at the special introductory price of €89. From the beginning of next year, that will go up to €149.

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