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ngTubeEQ from Wes Audio

Latest digitally-controlled analogue hardware announced

Wes Audio ngTubeEQ analogue outboard passive valve equaliser saturation digital plug-in control

Sticking to their tried-and-tested formula of combining analogue processing with digital control and recall, Wes Audio’s latest release, the ngTubeEQ, combines a four-band passive EQ design with a matching DAW plug-in.

The unit can operate in stereo, dual mono or mid-side modes, and features four inductor-based EQ bands that span a frequency range of 22Hz to 28kHz. There’s a selection of 12 frequency points per band to allow for precise adjustments, with a choice between Proportional Q or Constant Q modes providing a versatile range of sound-shaping options. There are a pair of options for the unit’s gain ranges, too, which can be set to either Moderate (±5dB) or Extended (±15dB) modes. Along with its four passive bands, each of the device’s two channels is also equipped with active low- and high-pass filters, which can be set to a range of pre-defined frequencies, or bypassed entirely.

In addition to its EQ functionality, the ngTubeEQ also offers some built-in saturation options thanks to a dual output design that features both a valve and a Carnhill transformer — each channel is equipped with variable THD and Iron Pad controls that make it possible to introduce everything from subtle enhancement to more obvious harmonic colouration. As with the other members of the ng family, the unit is supplied with a plug-in that replicates all of its front panel controls, allowing the unit to be controlled remotely from a DAW session as well as providing users with the ability to save and recall their settings as part of their session.

Pricing & Availability

The Ng Tube EQ will be shipping in March 2024, priced at $5999€4999.

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