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Wes Audio release Prometheus & Hyperion Eclipse

Plug-in GUI design also overhauled

Wes Audio Prometheus Hyperion Eclipse 500-series stereo analogue parametric Pultec EQ digital plug-in control

Wes Audio have announced the launch of a new Eclipse edition of two of their flagship products, the Prometheus and Hyperion 500-series EQ modules. They have also partnered with software developers Slint and Spyrosoft Synergy to create a new GUI for the hardware’s companion plug-in.

Eclipse Edition

Due to customer demand, both the Prometheus and Hyperion modules are now available to order with a black faceplate for a limited time. Their functionality remains the same as the standard versions, both offering an analogue stereo EQ circuit which pairs with a DAW plug-in to allow for instant recall of settings, remote control and automation capabilities.

We’ve reviewed both modules here at SOS, check out the articles below to find out more.

New Plug-in GUI

Along with the limited edition faceplate, Wes Audio have also announced that the modules’ plug-in counterpart has undergone a GUI overhaul, and now boasts a sleek new and intuitive interface. Rather than emulating the front panel of the hardware, the new version offers a graphical display and allows users to interact with the visualised EQ curve as well as the virtual switches and dials. Although it has been released alongside the limited edition modules, the company say that the updated plug-in is also compatible with the standard versions.

Wes Audio Prometheus Hyperion plug-in interface GUIThe latest Prometheus and Hyperion modules' plug-in interface sports a completely new GUI design.

Pricing & Availability

The Eclipse editions of the Prometheus and Hyperion are available to order now for the same price as the standard versions.

  • Prometheus: $1399£1299 including VAT
  • Hyperion: $1399£1149 including VAT

Wes Audio say that they will only be producing as many units as requested. More information is available on the company’s website.

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