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Wes Audio update ngBusComp plug-in

Improved metering & GUI redesign

Wes Audio ngBusComp plug-in remote-controlled hardware analogue bus compressor

Wes Audio are well known for their digitally controlled hardware processors, with the majority of their product range offering remote control and recall thanks to a collection of companion DAW plug-ins. 

One such example is the ngBusComp, a versatile stereo, dual-mono and Mid-Side unit that combines a comprehensive compressor with some variable saturation controls and a pair of selectable output stages. Although the device itself has been available for some time, Wes Audio have just announced the launch of a brand new control plug-in that sports a sleek new user interface and also introduces some improved functionality. 

Along with its visual makeover, the new plug-in benefits from some useful metering upgrades that promise to deliver more accurate measurements, along with a new section in the GUI dedicated to displaying real-time gain-reduction information. The company have also added an IRON Link feature, which makes it possible to simultaneously adjust the unit’s Make Up and IRON PAD controls, allowing users to maintain unity gain when experimenting with varying levels of saturation. New filters have been introduced to allow for more in-depth sculpting of external side-chain signals, and lastly, the GUI is now fully resizeable. 

SOS Review

We were impressed with the ngBusComp when we put it to the test in the November 2021 issue of SOS. Check out our in-depth review to find out more about what’s on offer.


The new version of the ngBusComp’s control plug-in is available now from the Wes Audio website.

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