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Orchestral Brass from Bitwig & Orchestral Tools

Joins Orchestral Strings and Woodwind packages

Bitwig Orchestral Tools Brass sound package expansion samples

Bitwig have once again joined forces with sample library experts Orchestral Tools to create another sound package for their Bitwig Studio DAW. Orchestral Brass provides users with a range of high-quality brass samples that have been developed with flexibility in mind, and have been optimised specifically for use within the DAW’s Sampler tool.

The package contains an ensemble patch that features a full brass section performing sustained, sustained soft, staccato, marcato, muted sustained and muted staccato articulations. There are also trumpet/horn and trombone/tuba ensembles performing sustained, staccato and marcato articulations. The companies say that every note and nuance has been captured with expert care, with natural volume balancing across all instruments. 

The add-on joins two previous collaborations with Orchestral Tools: Orchestral Strings and Orchestral Woodwinds, both of which remain available via Bitwig Studio's Dashboard.


Orchestral Brass can be used in Bitwig Studio, and is available to download via the Packages tab within the Dashboard. It requires 3.7GB of disk space.

Pricing & Availability

Orchestral Brass is available now, and is free to anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan.

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